Safer Vrioth

Elf Cleric


Class/Level: Cleric 1
Size: Medium
Age 180
Height: 5’2"
Race: Elf
Weight: 110lbs
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Silver
Skin: White

Languages: Elven, Common


STR 10
DEX 10
CON 13
INT 11
WIS 16
CHA 14

Saving throws


Initiative 4

Touch 10
Flatfooted 10

HP 9
AC 10
Speed 20

Weapons: Morning Star (1d8, crit x2)
Gear: Chain Mail
Shield: Heavy Steel
Possessions: Backpack, rations (6), flask, torch (2), Cleric’s vestments, flint and steel, holy symbol CL (wood)

Craft (___)
Knowledge(arcana, history, religion, the planes)
Profession (____)


Born in the land of Slugnut, at the young age of seven Safer saw his family murdered by an unknown band of barbarians that came from the sea and flanked Slugnut from the rear. There were no survivors except for him.

He was taken in as an orphan by a an elderly couple of sages in the eleven forest of Dymwittwood, city of Asstirblastyr far to the northwest. He threw away his path of wizardry, and his focus on water manipulation, the specialty of Slugnutters, and chose the way of healing in order to halt death, should it befall his friends again.

Safer, despite having a chatotic good nature deep down, has put many walls around his emotions in order to grow through the strife of death and remain apathetic should itstrike again. For this, he has built a sarcastic persona, a facade, around his true character, which leads some to believe to be a chaotic neutral.

Many who do not know him well, do not know this, as he keeps his faith towards Corellon Larethian rather private, so as to not be manipulated or taken advantage of, as he knows the treachery that lies in many’s hearts. However, the facade he has created can be seen through in his devotion to saving others, and his favoritism towards creative approaches to problems.

Now, at the age of 180 he has traveled to many places far away from Dymwittwood. After graduating from the college of Chuggaluggadugga, in Givafles, he worked as a diplomat for the United Lands. After many more travels, he began settling down at middle age. Believing he had found happiness finally with a young halfelf, Sylbiotch. However, she became ill and passed away suddenly, causing him to leave his most recent residence of Cokslammath, and hit the road for adventure.

Safer now acts as a rogue cleric,. With his sarcastic persona at his side, he startles many with his skills as a cleric; leaving them befuddled in regards to where he gets the motivation to help others. He tries to keep his past’s details directed mainly towards his time in Slugnut

Safer Vrioth

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